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Planet Water offers USA-made reverse osmosis systems that meet today’s requirements of leading hotels & resorts, condominium & apartment buildings, and villa development communities.  Our pre-engineered systems are configured to solve the most challenging water quality issues utilizing state-of-the-art membrane filtration technology and high quality, US-made components that will provide reliable, long-term operation.  Planet Water’s vast knowledge of water filtration technologies enable us to help our customers to reduce costs and improve operational efficiencies while meeting local environmental regulations.

With Planet Water as your water filtration solutions partner, you can take the worry out of water and provide a healthy and happy experience for your guests, tenants, and property owners. Give us a call!

Reverse Osmosis System Made in America Mark


We specialize in exceptionally high-quality water filtration systems that are designed to meet the needs of a variety of applications. Review our products to find the solution that works best for you.

  • PR1 Series

    1,800-21,600 GPD Tap and Well Water Applications

  • PR2 Series

    1,500-9,000 GPD Brackish Water Applications

  • PX1 Series

    30,000-180,000 GPD Tap and Well Water Applications

  • PX2 Series

    30,000-180,000 GPD Brackish Water Applications

  • UF1 Series

    24,000 LPD Surface, Tap and Well Water Applications

Reverse Osmosis System for Hotel & Resort

Hotels & Resorts

Address the complete cycle of value in providing clean, safe water for guests, operators, and developers.

RO Water Purification Systems for Buildings

Apartment & Condo Buildings

Distribute potable water throughout the distribution network to attract new owners and tenants while adding value.


Water Purication Solutions for Villa

Villa Developments

Provide a higher asset value and refine the luxury experience for your owners with clean, safe water direct to their villa.


Humanitarian Relief

Planet Water Foundation’s UF1 Series filtration system, and AquaTower, has brought clean, safe water to nearly 1 million children in 1,000 communities (schools).

Clean Water Solution for Kids
Well Tap Water for School

About Us

Operating since 2008 in six countries, our organization has deployed more than 800 systems in 12 countries with a focus on the Asia-Pacific and Latin America regions. Our pre-engineered, packaged reverse osmosis (RO) systems are focused on hotels & resorts, condominium & apartment buildings, villa developments, and humanitarian applications for schools and rural communities.

We provide high-quality systems that meet international water purity standards and our clients include leading international corporations.



Planet Water Foundation, our US-based non-profit organization, is focused on bringing clean, safe water to the world’’s most vulnerable communities through the installation of community-based water filtration systems and the implementation of water-health and hygiene education programs. Planet Water Foundation projects are focused on children, schools, and rural communities.

To date, the Foundation has provided access to clean, safe water to nearly one million children and organizes Project 24 – a World Water Day event.